Prof. Dr. Mohammed Gormaz (born 1959) is a doctor and professor of Hadith . He was appointed Vice-President for Turkish Religious Affairs from 2003 to 2010. Then as Head of Turkish Religious Affairs in 2010 and until 2017. He graduated from the University of Ankara, Faculty of Theology in 1987 and received his master's degree in the field of Hadith in 1990, his Theses was "Moses Jarallah Bakiyev: his life, his opinions and his writings". He received his doctorate in 1994 for his thesis " Methodological problem in Understanding and Interpreting Hadith and Sunnah".  His thesis won the first prize for Islamic studies and research by the Ministry of Awqaf in 1995. He then went to England to do research and studies that lasted for a year. He taught at the Faculty of Theology of the State of Kazakhstan (1995-1997) and also at the University of Hacitepe Faculty of Education (2001-2003). he Participated in the preparation of the curriculum of the Theology Institute at the University of Anatolia. He has published many books, including those related to Hadith and some related to religion and civilization. He also translated and contributed to the translation of books from Arabic into Turkish as well. Proficient in Arabic and English languages